September 28, 2016, by Lindsay Brooke

BBC One uncovers ‘The truth about Meat’

Tomorrow night the BBC science documentary series ‘The Truth About…..‘ that tackles everyday issues that affect us all will look at ‘The truth about Meat‘.

In this episode Chris Bavin, a greengrocer by trade and a carnivore by nature, wants to know if he can keep meat in his diet and stay healthy. The programme will be shown on BBC One at 9pm tomorrow – Thursday 29 September.

Meat has been getting a lot of bad press recently with new links to cancer and heart disease. But 98 per cent of us in the UK are still meat eaters. The programme asks how fresh or processed, white or red meat measures up.

Chris teams up with top scientists including Andy Salter, Head of Nutritional Sciences and Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry in the School of Biosciences and a team of 40 volunteers to put meat under the microscope. They follow the volunteers on a study to find out exactly how much meat is good for us, test whether paying more for chicken makes it any better for us, discover a way to dramatically reduce the health risks associated with processed meats and reveal an unlikely lean supermeat that won’t break the bank.

To wet your appetite here’s a glimpse behind the scenes during filming at George Green Library and find out more tomorrow night.

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