September 20, 2016, by Emma Lowry

Major power electric aircraft contract signed in China

The University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China (UNNC) has signed a 9 million RMB contract with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd (COMAC) to develop high-power starter generators and controllers, after successfully entering a public bidding process. The project will be delivered by UNNC team leader Professor Chris Gerada, fully supported by the PEMC Group (Power Electronics, Machines and Control) at the University of Nottingham, UK.

Speaking at the signing on Monday (19 September 2016), Dr Yuanli Kang, the Director of More Electric Aircraft of COMAC, pointed to the rich technical specialisation that the University has in this field. “This is Nottingham – everybody knows that this represents the highest technology level for electronics and auto control. I hope that you can make a great success of this project and that UNNC and COMAC will have long-term collaboration.”

UNNC Provost Chris Rudd reiterated the University’s expertise and looked forward to a fruitful partnership with COMAC. “Thanks to the confidence that COMAC has shown in the team. The University of Nottingham’s power electronics and actuators group is number one in Europe and it also has the biggest share of the EU’s clean skies programme, which is also about getting more electrical aircraft,” he said. “It’s great to be part of this massive expansion of China’s civil aircraft fleet. This is the kind of technological project that we deliver the best. Basically, though, the project won’t be finished until the planes are in the sky.”

The agreement was signed at a ceremony at UNNC by Provost Chris Rudd and Dr. Yuanli Kang. It was witnessed by University of Nottingham Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir David Greenaway.

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