April 29, 2016, by Charlotte Anscombe

Puppy power helps students relax during exam period

When I walked into work and was given the option of sitting at my desk or going to spend some time with some guide dog puppies, I’ve got to say  – the decision was pretty easy. Particularly as I’m a dog lover.

Seems I wasn’t the only one who like the idea. As I walked to the atrium at the  Portland building – I could see a rather large queue of students itching to get into the hall and spend some time with some pretty cute dogs.

The added bonus being – it was going to help raise some money for Guide Dogs.

The now much loved puppy room was arranged by students from the Law Society as part of its ‘Wellness Week’, a week long initiative designed to reduce stress in the run up to the exam period for students across the University.

As people queued to get in to spend 15 minutes with the adorable creatures – I was able to use my professional capacity as Media relations Manager to go straight in and speak to the students about why they were enjoying the break from their studies. To be honest – it was pretty clear to see why.

Check out our gallery of images and pictures to see why the puppy room is possibly the greatest idea on the planet – not only for its stress relieving powers but also as a guaranteed way of raising some much needed cash for a bloody good cause!

 A video of the Puppy Room can be viewed here.

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