April 21, 2016, by Charlotte Anscombe

Should we stay or should we go – Experts debate ‘Brexit’ at a public debate

I’m not sure about anyone else, but as much as I hear about the EU referendum – I still couldn’t give you strong points from both sides of the argument about whether Britain should stay or go. So when I found out that the Faculty of Social Sciences were going to hold a debate, I thought this was my opportunity to try and make an informed decision.

Seems I wasn’t the only one, as over 350 people turned up to hear our experts in law, politics and economics debate the pros and cons of ‘Brexit’ last night.

Audience members were given a ‘clicker’ at the beginning of the debate – so they could vote on which side they agreed with at intervals throughout the night.

After a heated debate ,the audience were asked to vote on whether they thought Britain should stay or go…an overwhelming 71% said that Britain should remain in the EU.

Did I make my mind up? The academics fought a good battle to stay in – it just seems there is no real reason to go, so I think I’m leaning toward staying in – there’s still time to decide though – what do you think?

Check out the tweets from last night here. You can watch the debate in full here.

Arguing the case

Speaking for staying in the EU:

Holger Breinlich (Economics);
Narine Ghazaryan (Law);
Kyriaki Nanou (Politics).

Speaking in favour of Brexit:

Aris Georgopoulos (Law);
Oliver Morrissey (Economics);
Mark Stuart (Politics).


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