November 11, 2015, by Charlotte Anscombe

Horsing around will make you Frink – major art exhibition welcomes a big addition

A rather large art exhibit ‘galloped’ into the Nottingham Lakeside Arts Djanogly Gallery yesterday afternoon, in the shape of a 1,500kg bronze horse.

The magnificent piece of art, which was built in 1980 and has been borrowed from a private collector, was delivered to take its place in the upcoming exhibition by well-known British artist Elisabeth Frink.

The exhibition, which will run from Wednesday 25 November 2015 until Sunday 28 February 2016, will host more than 70 public sculptures, drawings and never-before-seen material loaned from collections across the UK.

The exhibition, The Presence of Sculpture, will exhibit celebrated subjects of Frink’s distinctive expressive bronzes – male figures, heads, metamorphic bird and beast shapes and animals.

Throughout her lifetime Frink received many commissions for public buildings, urban environments and sacred spaces. This exhibition presents the stories of these sculptures from studio to place.

Check out the journey of the bronze horse as it makes its way into the gallery…

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