October 13, 2015, by Charlotte Anscombe

NIM – Nottingham’s first microfilm festival is almost upon us – don’t miss out!

Don’t miss your tickets for the first Nottingham International Microfilm Festival (NIM) which intends to introduce a Chinese film industry phenomenon – microfilm – to new audiences .

You can still get your tickets now by visiting – www.nimfestival.com

Running in venues across Nottingham from 15 – 20 October 2015, the Festival has attracted award-winning industry representatives from around the globe including RED, Dolby, UCLA, Creative England and Creative Skillset. The intention is to raise the profile of microfilms and showcase their application outside of China. Everyday around 40 million people in China search for videos on the internet and many of them, especially young people, are looking for what’s known as microfilms – short films that can be watched on the commute between home, work or school.

There will be a wide range of events designed for key elements of the microfilm business model aimed at the general public, businesses and filmmakers.

Festival organisers Nottingham City Council, The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, who are key members of The Nottingham Screen Partnership, believe the sector provides a low-cost but high value springboard for filmmakers and businesses alike and are encouraging the established Chinese sector to engage with UK filmmaking talent and business.

Gianluca Sergi, Director of the Institute for Screen Industries Research at The University of Nottingham, and founding member of the Nottingham Screen Partnership, said: “Microfilm is not just a word, it is a meeting place of new ideas, formats and talent. From film to video, games to animation, microfilm provide all types of talented individuals the opportunity to craft imaginative and engaging short stories for audiences to enjoy everywhere, from cinemas and TVs to exhibition spaces and online. Microfilm is fast becoming also a meeting point for different narrative production cultures from China to the UK and Hollywood.

“NIM is the first international Microfilm festival and proof of Nottingham’s intention to become the home for this exciting new way of thinking about short narrative formats, industry and talent.”

Events will include:

    • Public screenings involving pre-screening talks by industry professionals giving insight and context to the process of filmmaking
    • Networking events for businesses to connect into filmmaking as a potential source of brand and product promotion with low risk but high impact and distribution
    • Masterclasses offering development opportunities for industry professionals
    • Meet Market drop in event for filmmakers to connect into key industries meeting them face to face to talk about their products and services
    • Microfilm Summit- panel discussions for all discussion the microfilm sector and how we can engage with this new sector here in the UK and what we need to make this as successful here as it is in China


Councillor Dave Trimble, portfolio holder for leisure and culture at Nottingham City Council, said: “Nottingham has been the scene for many amazing film projects. The city is proud to host its first international microfilm festival, which will help to raise Nottingham’s profile as an international hub for the screen industry.”

“Microfilm is a fascinating new sector of short format filmmaking that brings together a mutually beneficial relationship between filmmakers, businesses and the general public. Microfilms offer a model of quick production for quick consumption meaning low risk but high output promotional opportunities for both business and filmmakers. Nottingham as an innovative creative city, with strong links to China and the US, is perfectly placed to act as a hub for this new sector and the NIM Festival is our opportunity to begin a globally relevant conversation” said Faith Blakemore, Director of NIM

To see the full festival programme visit www.nimfestival.com Ticket prices range from free through to £16.50

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