September 7, 2015, by Emma Lowry

Rising from the ashes: GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory one year on

It is hard to believe that it’s a year since fire destroyed The University of Nottingham’s new GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratories (CNL); still in its construction phase.

Since that fateful night on September 12, 2014, reconstruction has, fortunately, come a long way – with the iconic CNL building on track for completion in summer next year.

Glaxo-1-11715-030           Glaxo-1-11715-086

The striking, timber structure is highly visible once more on the approach to our Jubilee Campus; the fourth and final chimney having been added a few weeks ago.

Peter Licence, Professor of Chemistry at the School of Chemistry and Director of the CNL facility, said: “It is amazing to think that our construction team, led by Morgan Sindall had to start again, from scratch, under a year ago. The intensity of the blaze meant that everything, including the foundations, had to be rebuilt.

“It’s a fantastic achievement that in such a short space of time we are now so close to realising our vision for a carbon neutral facility in which we can showcase the best examples of sustainable chemistry in both research and training.

Glaxo-1-11715-010            Glaxo-1-11715-137

“Recently we have completed our recruitment drive to find world-leading sustainable chemistry and catalysis scientists to populate the labs and our researchers, who are energised and full of ideas, and can’t wait to move into the new facilities.”

Glaxo-1-11715-166            Glaxo-1-17715-202

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