August 12, 2015, by Charlotte Anscombe

Are you #MeantToBe at Nottingham?

Are you waiting on your A-level results? If you are and you’re worried that you might not get the results you need – then don’t panic – you may still find what you’re looking for….

I was meant to be at Nottingham – By Ismail Sadurdeen

It feels like yesterday taking my A levels and waiting anxiously for results. Although having predicted all As I was a bit skeptical about Maths as my C3 paper was a bit difficult. My first choice was the University of Warwick as they topped the league table for Economics last year and my insurance choice was The University of Nottingham.

On results day it was a bitter-sweet moment, my gut feeling was right and I got a B for Maths missing my A by a few marks. When I checked UCAS, Warwick had rejected me, so to try my luck I contacted Warwick to see if they could reconsider or offer an alternate program from the School of Economics but it was all full. Nevertheless, I was happy I had the grades for Nottingham and I was going to university.

Without wasting much time my next step was to sort out my accommodation in Nottingham. You only could have applied for accommodation earlier if it was your first choice, I was offered self-catered as it was the only option available. I’m glad this happened as I had some amazing flat mates and cooking my own meals was so much better! Within a few days I got sent my CAS, which was needed for me to apply for my tier 4 student visa and before I knew it I was on the flight heading to UK.

I was bit disappointed that I could not make it to Warwick, especially since I had told all my friends and family I would be going to Warwick without even getting my results (big mistake). But when I look back on my first year, I realise that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good I was actually being redirected to something better. I was meant to be at Nottingham.

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