November 12, 2014, by Lindsay Brooke

What is Hong Kong’s problem with China

The Inquiry, a new series on the BBC’s World Service, looks at the situation in Hong Kong and asks where’s the love for the motherland?

Taking part in this week’s programme ‘What is Hong Kong’s problem with China‘ was Professor Steve Tsang from the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies. Talking as an ‘expert witness’ he gives a very personal account of travelling from his native Hong Kong to mainland China as a teenager in search of┬áhis roots and identity.

His interview comes up at 5 mins 40 secs but the whole programme is worth a listen.

The Inquiry is a new weekly programme which adds indepth analysis to one big question from the news.

This week:

Hong Kong’s government is preparing to clear the streets after weeks of protest. The demonstrators want direct talks with Beijing over who gets on the ballot for the 2017 Hong Kong election. But there’s more than politics at play. China has had almost a generation to win hearts and minds in Hong Kong – a time when the mainland population has become increasingly nationalistic. Seventeen years after Hong Kong returned to China, where’s the love for the motherland?

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