November 7, 2014, by Lindsay Brooke

Get into ‘The Conversation’

Here in the University’s press office we are encouraging more academics to get involved in writing articles for The Conversation, an independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community and delivered direct to the public. As a founding partner of The Conversation UK, the University wants to generate as much support for this academic website as possible. The University of Nottingham has nearly 100 academics writing for The Conversation but more are welcome.

The Conversation is now developing its reach in the area of business and economy.

New LinkedIn Group for the global economy

We’ve just received details of their new Global Economy Group on LinkedIn which academics and students may well be interested in joining.

Launched this week, this LinkedIn group is designed to broaden the reach of writers in their Business + Economy section. It is called The Conversation: Global Economy Group. It’s a place for academic writers and readers to share ideas and articles, and is designed to push more of The Conversation’s content towards a professional and media audience.

They are keeping a broad approach, looking at macroeconomic issues and themes in the hope they can make this directly relevant to as many people as possible. They already have a healthy mix of members: academics and students, bankers, fund managers and journalists.

That link in full again:

Joel Dimmock at The Conversation is taking the lead on this, so feel free to contact him with any questions or thoughts.

Students can join in The Conversation

The Conversation is also very keen on getting students to sign up to this LinkedIn group so they can engage with the articles academics are writing.

Maintaining academic rigour

PhD students are welcome to submit articles to The Conversation and Masters students can write articles with their supervisors support. However to maintain The Conversation’s brand of ‘academic rigour, journalistic flair’ UG students can’t write but they are encouraged to engage and comment – so do please sign up.

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