October 8, 2014, by Charlotte Anscombe

Nottingham graduates get the most desired jobs

According to a recent survey by networking site LinkedIn, Nottingham graduates are amongst the best at moving into jobs that they really want.

When students apply for university, they generally go because they want to get jobs – good jobs that they actually want.

By analysing employment patterns of over 300million Linkedin members from around the world, the online networking group was able to work out what the most desirable jobs are within several different professions and which graduates get those jobs.

The good news for Nottingham graduates is that we ranked within the top 10 in four out of five of them. Accounting number six, investment bankers number eight, marketers, number nine and media professionals, number three.

So if you want to move in to a career you really want – then look no further then Nottingham!

‘A desirable job is defined as a job at a desirable company for the relevant profession. For example, we define desirable finance jobs as finance jobs at companies desirable for finance professionals.’ Linkedin 2014.

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