June 10, 2014, by Lindsay Brooke

Horse and Country TV at the Vet School

With her expertise in clinical disease in horses Associate Professor Sarah Freeman was an obvious choice for Horse and Country TV who are currently filming a three part series on essential info for horse owners and colic.

Presenter Jenny Rudall and the TV crew spent Monday – all day Monday – on site at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science for the programme which is due for transmission in August – we will keep you posted on dates.

They were filming for parts one and two.

Sarah said: “We covered what colic is, why horses get it, different types of colic and how the vet assesses it. They filmed with a horse we painted up for demonstrating anatomy. This is a great way to demonstrate the length and different sections of a horse on the inside. The rectal simulators demonstrates how we teach rectal palpation and how we examine a horse using our vet school teaching horse. It was a long day!”

You can read more about Sarah’s research on colic:

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Ceremonial cavalry horses help research into lameness

Sarah is currently supervising two students who are both carrying out colic research PhDs. Laila Curtis and Adelle Bowden, who graduated from the Nottingham Vet school last year, are both getting a lot of interest in their work. Laila’s case study is due for publication soon and has two more papers to come. Over 2000 horse owners have completed Adelle’s online survey and the numbers are continuing to rise.


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