May 23, 2014, by Amy Stamper

Best of the blogs: May


Student life: revision tips you may not have heard before!

As the exam period is in full swing, student blogger Ollie takes us through some of his unusual tips for revision.

There is method to his madness as he explains why he likes to scribble along illegibly as he reads over his work, or outlines how 10-hour long ambient music tracks help him get ‘in the zone’.

Blue-Green Cities: the team takes us on a trek through Washington State Park


The team’s co-location research project, Clean Water for All, took them to Washington to collaborate on research regarding water sustainability with US universities, including Washington State University (WSU) and Reed College.

In this trip, they used the opportunity to take a well-deserved break to explore the beautiful Washington State Park, and naturally documented the views of waterfalls, dams and beaver-gnawed tree trunks.

China Policy Institute: the Taiwanese fight for democracy

J.Michael Cole outlines the rapidly changing political environment in Taiwanese society, as the government becomes increasingly authoritarian and the citizens resist the infringements that many observers call undemocratic.taiwanblog1

This post offers insight as to the tense conditions surrounding the struggle between activists and the government in Taiwan, and discusses the role of trade and social media in fuelling each side in the war for the minds and hearts of the citizens.

Press Office: Top 10 place for Nottingham in the Student Experience survey

The University of Nottingham received what Registrar Dr Paul Greatrix calls a ‘vote of confidence’ from its students when it was voted in the top 10 nationwide in a survey that focused on student satisfaction.


The post outlines what student experience encompasses, from standards of accommodation to student life in the city, and highlights the importance that is being placed on excelling in areas that are valuable to students.



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