December 19, 2013, by Emma Rayner

Leverhulme prize for Irish and English drama expert

A University of Nottingham academic has been recognised as a rising star in the field of arts research. James Moran, Associate Professor in the School of English has won a Leverhulme Prize for his outstanding work on 20th century Irish and English drama.

His research is particularly concerned with analysing the local particularities involved in the production and reception of modernist literature and drama, which are central concerns in his monographs ‘The Theatre of Sean O’Casey’, ‘Irish Birmingham’ and ‘Staging the Easter Rising’.

James Moran is also active as a broadcaster and since 2010 has presented a monthly book review for BBC Radio Nottingham, where he has focused on local writers. He is currently writing a book about the theatrical thinking of D.H. Lawrence, and his future work concentrates on the overlooked dramatic writings of a broader group of anglophone high-modernists, including Yeats, Joyce, Woolf, Pound, and Wyndham Lewis.

Dr Moran said: “I’m very pleased to have been offered this prize.  It’s always nice to think that people are looking at your work and saying complimentary things about it.  And I’m tremendously grateful to my colleagues in the School of English at Nottingham, whose support and advice are invaluable to me, and who have really helped me to get into the position where I would be considered for this sort of thing in the first place.”


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