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August 2, 2013, by Fraser

Jackie Ashley: ‘very little support’ post-hospital for husband Andrew Marr

‘False economy’ in stroke care

Andrew Marr’s wife Jackie Ashley has written in The Guardian about her husband’s stroke – and his aftercare. While she praises her husband’s hospital care, she believes that the support stroke survivors get when they go home, leaves a lot to be desired.

She writes: ‘I’ve been contacted by many, many stroke victims and the general view is that hospital care is excellent, but there’s very little support after that. Daily, intensive physio and occupational therapy in the hospital are suddenly replaced with a visit once a week, if you are lucky, from the community services. Given that so many stroke victims, and others who have suffered neurological injuries, would be able to get back to work and look after themselves with better rehabilitation after leaving hospital, this is surely a false economy.’

Prof Marion Walker

Marion Walker MBE is a Professor of stroke rehabilitation research at The University of Nottingham and works tirelessly to improve things for stroke survivors, like Andrew Marr.

She said: “Jackie Ashley clearly articulates just how exhausting and demanding being a carer of a stroke survivor can be. Her husband Andrew Marr had excellent stroke care in hospital but on returning home they experienced inflexible and sporadic care in the community. Sadly this is all too often the norm. Carers provide much needed care for stroke survivors, helping them adjust and return to a normal life in their own environment. However often this comes at a personal cost with many carers struggling to cope. We must do everything we can to provide the support needed to both patients and carers so that they can regain a good quality of life. Carers deserve our attention just as much as our stroke survivors.”

Raising funds for stroke rehabilitation research

Prof Walker is involved is raising funds for stroke rehab research by taking part in Life Cycle 3, an 1,100 mile bike ride between the capital cities of Britain and the Republic of Ireland from 19 August to 1 September. More information about stroke rehab research and the bike ride are available on the Life Cycle 3 website.

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