Michael Domokos

June 18, 2013, by Fraser

Michael Domokos, Senior Project Manager for Corporate Systems at the University, is undertaking a charity challenge that would leave even the very fittest saddle-sore… 

What made me sign up to something that would see my cycle 3,000 miles, climb 150,000ft (the equivalent of cycling up Everest 5 times) in the worst weather that we have seen in 50 year? And that was just the training…

In just over three weeks time (one week ahead of the Pros), I will be cycling the three big mountain stages of the Tour de France (18, 19 & 20). Partly for personal achievement but to also raise money for The William Wates Memorial Trust, whose mission is to help disadvantaged young people fulfill their potential by engaging them through the mediums of sport, art and education. Take a look at some of the great work that the charity does.

Why participate in such events? Simply put, they are life changing experiences that money cannot buy. They keep you fit, healthy and bring communities together. They are good for the environment and, in my case, save me money as I cycle to work. Win, Win.

Your sponsorship does make a difference

Why raise money for charity? Over the last ten years I have participated in a number of events raising thousands of pounds through the kind donations of friends, family and colleagues. It’s not been easy, people find it hard to see how their contribution make an impact, especially when the charity is working in the area of medical research and the results may not come for some time.  The thing is, your contributions do make a impact, they encourage people like me and others to actively engage in fundraising efforts which collectively can make a big impact. In every event I have ever entered, I have always hit that point where I think I cannot continue, no more, this is the last one, and at that point I remember the charity and the faith that people have put in me and that pushes me on. Your sponsorship does make a difference.

Please show your support by sponsoring me,  all costs associated with participating in the event have been covered by myself. If you’re interested to see how we get along, you can follow the action on the Tour de Force website.

Thank you!

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