April 19, 2013, by Lindsay Brooke

Flying archaeologist pays visit to Caistor

The BBC’s flying archaeologist, Ben Robinson, dropped in on Dr Will Bowden and his team at Caistor St Edmund in Norfolk for a new TV series which will be broadcast nationally next month.


For the last four years Will, from the Department of Archaeology at The University of Nottingham, has led a team of archaeologists studying the remains of Caistor St Edmund which is one of only three major Roman towns in Britain that does not lie beneath a modern settlement. The dig near Norwich involves Nottingham MA and UG students as well as local volunteers and professional supervisors.

The programme will go out for the first time regionally on BBC One (BBC East) today, 19 April 2013, at 7.30pm. You might not be able to get BBC East but you will be able to catch up on the BBC iplayer after transmission. The programme will be shown nationally on BBC 4 in May (no dates yet – will keep you posted).

Ben Robinson will be talking to Will and learning how the site was first discovered after aerial pictures taken by the crew of an RAF aircraft revealed the outline of the town in a parched field of barley. The pictures appeared on the front page of The Times on 4 March 1929.



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