March 22, 2013, by Lindsay Brooke

Snow blog – from Dr Simon Gosling

Everyone is talking about us having the coldest March since 1962. Here are some facts and figures from climate expert Dr Simon Gosling in The University of Nottingham’s School of Geography. They are from notes he made for an interview tonight on BBC East Midlands Today. He’ll be live in the studio just after 6.30pm.

What’s happening?

We have high pressure to the east between Greenland and Scandinavia.

The winds are blowing clockwise.

This means we have a strong easterly wind.

And it is very cold!

How unusual is this weather?

The coldest March was in 1962 – a miserable 1.9°C

Currently we are at about 3°C.

In 1987 March it was 3.3°C.

So it’ll be coldest since 1962.

Did the 1987 winter also have a warm summer?

Sadly NO!

June and July was cool and wet and below average temperature.

August was around average (average = 17°C, max = 29°C).

And on the night of the 15-16 October 1987 we had the ‘Great Storm’.

Did the 1962 winter also have a warm summer?


We had below average temperatures in June, July and August.

The August average was 16°C (max = 23°C)

What does climate change say for UK?

Increases in summer temperature.

Milder winters.

Increases in winter rainfall.

More days of heavy rainfall in winter.

More extremes of weather.

What about the next few days in EAST MIDLANDS?

Snow and strong winds will continue for many parts on Saturday.

Very cold, and strong easterly winds.

Frosty and icy overnight.

Maximum temperature 2°C

When will the bad weather end?

Sunday to Tuesday

Occasionally sunny on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but with scattered wintry flurries.

Feeling bitterly cold in strong easterly winds, although winds easing on Tuesday.

 Going into April?

Hopefully we will have closer to average temperatures, but there’s still a risk of some overnight frosts.

We would love to hear more from Simon but unfortunately for us he is hoping to be in the Peak District this weekend for a holiday. Let’s hope he gets there!

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