March 12, 2013, by Emma Thorne

Commissioned sculpture arrives on Jubilee Campus

It weighs six tonnes and took a crane to lift it into place at its new home on Jubilee Campus. House for a Gordian Knot, the newly commissioned sculpture for the Institute of Mental Health has finally arrived in Nottingham after an epic five-day journey by lorry from the Italian quarry where it was carved.

Its creator, artist Ekkehard Altenburger, will be at the institute today and tomorrow installing the new sculpture on site. The piece was commissioned by Dr Victoria Tischler, who was appointed arts co-ordinator in 2007 to develop and promote creative activities and to support the institute’s use of artistic and other creative methods to enhance health and well-being.

House for a Gordian Knot, which stands around 2.7m tall, has spherical elements that are opened up by delicate carved details, which are partly painted. It is designed to be a daily inspiration for patients and staff and as a reminder to ‘think outside the box’.

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