October 30, 2012, by Lindsay Brooke

Special blog to mark 18th Communist Party Congress in Beijing

Who will emerge as the top 300 men and women in the Chinese government over the next five years? To what extent will the Communist Party embrace political and economic reforms as it faces mounting challenges to its authority? And what early clues can be gleaned on the identity of China’s future leaders already earmarked for higher power in 2022?

These are some of the key questions discussed by The University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute (CPI) in a special blog series to mark the once-a-decade leadership transition at the 18th Party Congress, which opens in Beijing on November 8.

For timely comment on the latest news and developments in the run up to and during the Congress go to: https://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/chinapolicyinstitute/category/politics/18th-party-congress-blog-series/

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