June 22, 2012, by Fraser

Throw some shapes to welcome the Olympic Torch

Lakeside Arts Centre and Dance4 are the driving forces behind this Thursday’s Olympic Torch welcome performance at Nottingham’s Market Square.

The piece centres around the Heroes of Nottingham – both mythical and actual. The performance also features a massed choir, cheerleader sequence, breakdance from QMX Academy, and a dance sequence led by Subtext.

Audience members are also being asked to learn a few moves so that they can join in with the fun:

Shona Powell, Director of Lakeside Arts Centre, said: “There’s recently been a really big drive towards mass participation, whether that be through dance or song, and we thought it would be great to have some signature moves linked to the finale of our piece Heroes of Nottingham. So choreographers New Art Club have created a series of simple but striking movements which go along with the chorus of the song.

“We’ve released a video on YouTube so that the public can learn the moves in the comfort of their own home, with friends or in community or special interest groups. I know of at least one group of guides who are definitely having a go, and I’m sure lots of others will be doing the same!”

She added: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to welcome the Olympic Torch to our city, and we want to add to the fun and help to make it a hugely memorable occasion.”

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