June 20, 2012, by Fraser

A new element in the Periodic Table… called Nottingham!?

Two new elements have been added to the Periodic Table: Flerovium and Livermorium.

And, of course, the University’s Periodic Table of Videos has made the addition of Livermorium the subject of their latest video.

The discoveries were made at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California – and that’s where Livermorium gets its name from.

But could it have been Nottinghamorium?

Filmmaker Brady Haran explains: “Livermore in California was actually formally known as Nottingham. And for those who don’t know, or see the logo at the end of all our videos, our films are based at the School of Chemistry at The University of Nottingham.

“So who knows, maybe if they’d stuck with that original name, the lab would’ve been called Nottingham labs and we’d be making a video about Nottingham making it onto the periodic table.

“But, of course, that didn’t happen and we’ve got Livermorium.”

Watch the video

Check out Brady’s latest video from the Periodic Table of Videos all about Livermorium and more about how Nottingham narrowly missed out on periodic table glory:

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