May 24, 2012, by Fraser

17-23 May: The big stories

There’s news this week of the use of the latest GPS and satellite communication technology by experts at The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) to help with elephant conservation and management practices. There’s also news of research to address the main barriers to hearing aid use. Plus, it’s been a successful first year for the HeadSmart campaign, which aims to reduce the time it takes for brain tumours in children to be diagnosed. Read on for more


Tracking endangered elephants with satellite technology
With less than 1,500 wild elephants on the Malay Peninsular, experts from The University’s Malaysia Campus are using GPS technology to help protect them.
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Fighting bacteria’s strength in numbers
Researchers have proved a theory about how bacteria communicate with each other, in findings which could help find new ways to fight dangerous bacterial infections.
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New clue in fight against TB in cattle
A parasitic flatworm found in cattle is partly responsible for the continued spread of bovine TB, say researchers.
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HeadSmart campaign shows success within one year
A campaign that aims to reduce the time it takes doctors to diagnose brain tumours in children and young people is showing positive results within a year of its launch.
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