May 18, 2012, by Fraser

Academic from UNMC publishes new book on medicinal plants

Prominent academic Dr Christophe Wiart, from The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC), has published his latest book Medicinal Plants of China, Korea, and Japan: Bioresources for Tomorrow’s Drugs and Cosmetics.

Leading expert

Dr Wiart has been studying the medicinal plants of China, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and India for the last 16 years. He has collected, identified and classified several hundred species of medicinal plants and is regarded as the most prominent authority in the field of Asian ethnopharmacology, chemotaxonomy and ethnobotany.

He has previously authored numerous best-selling books on the medicinal plants of Asia. This publication details 200 medicinal plant species, carefully selected for their novelty and pharmacological and cosmetological importance.


Dr Wiart is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Science at UNMC. You can contact him via

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