March 15, 2012, by Fraser

8-14 March: The big stories this week

Our top stories include broadcaster Matthew Bannister’s event-filled return to Nottingham to open our new Humanities Building, a Q&A with students, New Theatre visit and public lecture. We also reveal far-right supporters consider violence between different ethnic, religious and racial groups “largely inevitable”, and explain why roots grow down, not up. Read on for more


Far right supporters — violence largely inevitable
The British far right believes violence between different ethnic, religious and racial groups is largely inevitable, says new survey.
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Matthew Bannister returns to old stomping ground
Broadcaster Matthew Bannister opened the new Humanities Building at the University this week. He also took the time to answer questions from students before returning to the New Theatre.
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Consumer credit: the cost of ignorance
Poor numeracy hits consumers hard when choosing loans and credit. They’re eight times more likely to use highly expensive credit like payday loans, new research reveals.
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Why do plant roots grow down and not up?
Plant experts find the answer to a question that has fascinated scientists since Darwin.
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