July 18, 2019, by Kelly Calladine

Representing Medical Physiology and Therapeutics at the Education Network Awards

My name is Kiara Abayasekara and I’m a first-year course rep. My co-course rep: Chinonso Nzewuji and I were delighted to represent MPT at the Education Network Awards on the 12th June 2019. As first year course reps both myself and Chinonso were invited to the Education Network Awards upon both the School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences being nominated for ‘School of the Year’ and ‘Faculty of the Year’ respectively. We were absolutely thrilled to represent MPT when receiving the winning certificate for both nominations!!! We are so proud of our school and faculty and all the reps who enabled this achievement.

Kiara Abayasekara and Chinonso Nzewuji representing MPT when the School of Medicine won ‘School of the Year’

I was also proud to represent MT and the School of Medicine in receiving the Silver Accreditation in completing the Rep Development Scheme. It really is a fantastic programme which enabled me to develop skills of self-reflection on my personal development and encouraged me to seek more opportunities to help the student body as a course rep.

Being a first year MPT course rep has been an absolute privilege and I have really enjoyed working with those within the Education Network, the Social Reps, the academics and fellow students without whom change for the better would not be possible. We have achieved a lot this year- improved coursework guidance, an End of Year Social for all years and Lanyards!!! We should be very proud of ourselves.

A photo of Education Network Officer Cassie O’Boyle and the Reps from the School of Medicine receiving ‘School of the Year’ winner


I would strongly recommend to all MPT students to become part of the Education Network. This does not have to be by becoming a course rep, but by being education reps, faculty reps etc. It is a fantastic group that provides many opportunities e.g. the Rep Development Scheme and it is integral for giving prominence to the student voice.

By Kiara Abayasekara








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