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50 at 50: A message from the MedSoc President

Pascal Vogiaridis sitting outside on the grass near a treeMy name is Pascal Vogiaridis and I am going into my 3rd Year of Medicine, here, at Nottingham. In June, I took over as President of MedSoc from the wonderful Callum McIntyre. MedSoc is a student-led organisation that every single medical student is automatically part of at no cost. The committee is responsible for ensuring that every member feels like they are fully involved in this fantastic community. We run various events across the academic calendar, oversee all the brilliant medic-specific societies and sports clubs, and are dedicated to making sure that the welfare of the student body is our top priority. 

My role as president encompasses managing the committee, being a point of liaison with both the SU and the medical school, and then taking on several different projects/tasks throughout the year. It has been fascinating to be a part of the inner workings of daily life and to be able to fully appreciate the effort that the faculty puts into everything. If this were Strava, big kudos to the Nottingham Medical School team! 

First and foremost, presidential role aside, I am a student! September 2018 was when I moved into Lincoln Hall to start my University of Nottingham journey. Since then, I am very lucky to have accumulated so many amazing memories! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far. A substantial part of the pre-clinical course is the weekly Case Studies. This is such a brilliant way to learn about all manner of illness and disease from every angle. Prior to this part of the course, I had experienced a rough asthma spell and, coincidentally, the first topic we covered was asthma itself! In the space of 5 days, I learned the pathology, pharmacology and even the anatomy of this condition… If only my lungs held out until after I learned all this!  

Full-body dissection is, without a doubt, another highlight when it comes to being a student at Nottingham medical school. The ability to learn about the human body in its most real form is such an effective method in truly understanding and appreciating anatomy. I feel very privileged to have experienced this, and I implore any new students to make the most out of this opportunity. 

Outside of the QMC, there is a whole host of medic societies and clubs that you can get involved in. I have met so many fab, like-minded people through these opportunities, whether it be running round a rugby pitch or tooting my flute in the Djanogly Recital Hall. Before I came to university, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to balance my academics with my extra-curricular interests. To my relief, via a perfect combination of great course design and professional management of these societies/clubs, I was able to study hard and keep a smile on my face by joining all these groups.  

If you add to the past 3 paragraphs; various events, lost items, and laughs, then you have a very good idea of my journey up until this point! The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire globe and will, of course, mean that we have a very different looking academic year ahead. However, resilience and resourcefulness will no doubt be pivotal in making the best out of this current situation. Clubs and societies are ensuring that their activities are as safe as possible, so that you can all continue to enjoy the interests that you love. The School of Medicine will be optimising social distanced learning to the nth degree. Apresident of MedSoc, I can say unequivocally, that myself and the committee have been, and will be, working tirelessly so that every single Medical Student has a great time this year. Be it through a webcam, or bubbles, or hopefully all together when we get past this virus, we will do our utmost to ensure everyone continues to make amazing memories. 

Stay safe and have a great year, 

Pascal Vogiaridis – MedSoc President 

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