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Callum: My experience studying medicine at Nottingham

Callum McIntyre in a blue checked shirt smiling at the cameraMy name is Callum and I’m a third year medical student at the University of Nottingham, and the President of MedSoc. I’m originally from Bedford, which makes studying at Nottingham ideal as it’s far enough to be away from home, but not too far as getting home is easy by either train or car.

Why did I choose to study medicine at Nottingham?

I chose to study Medicine at Nottingham because of the opportunity to obtain two degrees in the five year course (BMBS and BMedSci). I’ve just finished my BMedSci research project and really enjoyed the experience as it allowed me to research a topic that interested me in great depth with access to fantastic resources and equipment in the exercise laboratory I was operating in. I am looking forward to graduating from the BMedSci part of the course and am happy that I did not have to take a whole year out to complete the degree. It was integrated into the five year course, so the whole year group stays together and you do not have to compete for the opportunity to take part in the BMedSci.

What do I like about studying medicine at Nottingham?

At Nottingham Medical School there is endless opportunity to engage in a variety of medic and non-medics societies, music, sport and much more outside of the course. I have had the opportunity to experience much of this through my role as MedSoc President, and really enjoy studying at Nottingham because of the endless opportunities and time in the week to commit to them.

Nottingham Medical School has an extremely friendly, family-like atmosphere that makes it a fantastic place to study! We have a great medic parent scheme, where each first year student gets matched with a medic mum/dad from the year above (and subsequently a whole family of older years). This is brilliant as medic families often pass down notes, go out for meals and are always there to talk to if you have any questions or need any advice about the course or general uni life. Older years throughout the medical school are constantly organising mock exams and teaching sessions for younger students. The community atmosphere is fantastic.

What extra-curricular activities have I been involved with?

Throughout my time at Nottingham Medical School, I have played for Medics Rugby and sat on the committee of MedSoc, currently as President. I got involved in Medics Rugby as I used to play at my school, and my Medic Dad played for Medics Rugby, making it easy to get involved. I love it because it gave me the chance to continue playing sport at university in a fantastic environment, as I have been able to get close to medics from all 5 years during my time in the club. Within the club we have a fantastic social scene and during exam times, older members of the club organise mock exams for younger students and pass down notes.

My time on MedSoc has been brilliant because it has enabled me to learn a multitude of new skills from leadership to event planning. I really enjoy working with a fantastic committee of students to organise events and much more to make Nottingham Medical Students have the best time possible! There are lots of societies within the Medical School that provide lots of opportunity to run for committee positions and share a similar experience. There really is something for everyone.

What advice do I have for first year students?

If I could give any advice to someone starting at Nottingham Medical School next year, I would say to get involved in as much as possible. Dive in head first and pick up an old activity or join something completely new! Nottingham is fantastic as there is time in the timetable for the first few years to allow students to engage in extra-curricular activities both inside and outside the medical school. It’s a great way to make some fantastic friends and do something fun and exciting outside of the course. Of course make sure you work hard but play hard too!

A fun fact about Nottingham

Nottingham Medical School will be 50 years old next year!

What’s my favourite thing about living in the city of Nottingham?

Nottingham is a fantastic place to live as nothing is too far. Campus is beautiful and it is super easy to get to and from the city centre. There are trams, buses and taxis that are very affordable and quick, making it super easy to get anywhere in Nottingham. The centre itself is fantastic as it’s big enough to be a city and have plenty to do each time you go, however it’s not too big that it becomes overwhelming. It’s a great place to live and very quickly became my home away from home.

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