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Medics’ Musical 2017 – West Side Story

The Medics’ Musical is one of, if not the most, well-known and loved student traditions here at Nottingham Medical School. Taken on by students during the Clinical Phase 2 element of the course (fourth year), the musical shows off talent of many varieties–from acting and dancing, through to organisational skills and even conducting and actual orchestra. It is a significant commitment, and one of the challenges faced is to work rehearsals around the already busy schedules of medical students on full-time placement.

This year’s show was West Side Story, and with the show opening in late October, early preparations started as far back April. After the committee first got together, we had to come up with as comprehensive a plan as possible for the subsequent months. Auditions were held, and rehearsals started in earnest after a brief summer break in July. While other students had a long summer break, we in the musical were not only on our placement during weekdays, but also rehearsing up to three times a week. Behind the scenes, the theatre was being booked, set plans were being made and the orchestra recruited.

As show week approached, the time commitments ramped up, with some of us scarcely spending longer than a few waking hours a day in our homes. We built a set, sourced costumes, practised running through the show and ultimately brought together a truly astounding production. It’s a been a huge privilege, having had the opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful experience and to have worked alongside such talented individuals; and I look forward to seeing next year’s production.

Contributor: Duncan McGregor, Director of West Side Story 

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