July 20, 2017, by studentcontributor

Mission Zambia: Outreach Trip to Mwandi

Every year, during the summer holidays, a group of medical students from the University of Nottingham journey to Mwandi, Zambia in southern Africa for three weeks. Mission Zambia is a student led, not for profit organization, which strives to fight homelessness, poor healthcare and lack of education in rural Zambia.

Over the next five years, Mission Zambia aims to provide education for 5000 children and house 300 families. As many as 1 in 3 adults suffer from HIV in the district, leaving their children to be cared for by their grandparents on less than £1 a day.

As part of the Mission Zambia project, we worked alongside the “Homes 4 AIDs Orphans”. This charity works with the local community to improve living conditions for vulnerable young children who have been orphaned by AIDs. We built traditional mud huts which are a safe and stable home for those in need, provided HIV/AIDs support to local tribes and participated in outreach programmes at local hospitals.

(Video by Alicia Pinto about the Mission Zambia Trip.)


For more information about Home 4 AIDS Orphans, visit: http://www.homes4aidsorphans.com/index.html

For more information about Mission Zambia, visit: https://www.zambiamission.org/

Contributor: Alicia Pinto and Chioma James, 2nd Year Medical Students who went on the Mission Zambia trip in 2016. 

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