October 12, 2014, by studentcontributor

Top 10 things to do in the First Year

1. Make use of your amazing medic family!wollatonpark

The medic parent’s scheme is one that’s been running for ages and there’s a reason for that; it truly is so successful. Whether you need someone to grab a coffee with you and take you through the hell that is MBM, you fancy a chat about everything you’re missing at home or you’re short on 50p to get that all important jaeger bomb in Ocean, your medic parent is invaluable.

2. “I can only go out at the weekends because work is the be all and end all of life”

Remember to strike a balance. Yes you’re doing medicine, there will be things you find hard BUT don’t miss out on other opportunities. Get involved with sport, societies, go out and socialise. In the end all of this will help make you the awesome doctors you are all set to become.

3. Make the most of discounts

As students you will have a lot of opportunity for discounts. They all add up in the end. Remember your student card for those moody bus drivers who insist on seeing it. NUS extra offers loads of discounts. Also, investing in a student railcard for travelling home or to see home friends. As medics you also have EVEN MORE discounts, from peachy keens with your Medsoc cards to 50% off Nandos with your NHS card. The best way to find out is just ask wherever you go If they offer student discount, whilst they might not advertise it a lot of shops do some form of discount.

4. Make the most of the arrangements SU have made with D and G taxis 

Stranded with no money and no phone to find your friends? D and G have had discussions with Nottingham SU over the past couple of years and have introduced fixed rates and emergency taxis. When you get in a taxi asked for the rate for where you’re travelling to (they have allocated a price to each halls) then explain that you are using the emergency taxi service. They will be directly paid by D and G for the job and you won’t have to pay for your taxi till the next day. You can pay through the university. So no more being stranded outside Ocean after everyone’s gone home!

5. Find medic’s bar in Ocean and medic’s corner

Spend your whole night there. If there’s one group of people who know how to party and will be taking to Ocean’s dance floor till Baywatch is a mere echo and Frozen is ringing in their ears is the medics. Lost in ocean? Everyone else gone home? Medic’s bar will always have someone you know…just you wait and see!

6. Go to dissection after Crisis!

If you want to go out and you have lectures/uni the next day that you can’t miss, well then doing both every so often doesn’t do any harm, as long as you can commit yourself to getting up!

7. Go on one of the medic’s rag raids

Your year will not be complete without taking to the streets of one of the UK’s cities to collect on the infamous Karnival rag raids. These are one of the most hilarious and rewarding ways to spend your weekend. Until dissection starts there is very little going on on a Saturday. You will get the chance to collect for a chosen charity and meet loads of people on your course, then socialise for the bus journeys. Our wonderful Karnival reps will make your journeys even more interesting so you can really get to know some people in your year.

8. Get involved in University sport

Whilst there are some really great sports teams affiliated with the medics its always worth trying to get involved in some university sport if you can. It’s a great chance to get to know some people not on your course or in your halls, as well as giving you even more opportunities for socials.

9. Spend an afternoon kicking back in Wollaton Park

Wollaton Park is Nottingham’s own little haven and definitely worth a visit. In close proximity to University Park and a chilled place to have a few beers or just sleep off that hangover. Also, No Tomorrow, a day festival in Wollaton is definitely worth going to.

10. Take every opportunity that’s thrown at you

University is truly some of the best years of your life. Coming to Nottingham is one of the best choices you’ve made because of Karnival events, to religious societies, sport and much much more. Especially as a medic, don’t think you have to miss out on anything! Medics are renowned for being able to do everything they want and my experience so far is that is completely true in first year.

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