April 30, 2014, by studentcontributor

Sporting opportunities

emilyHi! I’m Emily (the one lying across everyone in the picture) and I’m a second year student at Nottingham!

When applying to medical school I knew I wanted to continue playing cricket and try out some new sports but I didn’t know if I would be able to fit it all in alongside studying.

I’ve found that as a preclinical student it is definitely manageable to fit training in around my studies and there are also plenty of more relaxed options meaning you can stay active without committing to loads of training sessions.

At Nottingham there is such a range of sports to get involved with including things I’d never heard of like Korfball and Aikido. Regardless of what you’re into lectures finish by 1pm on Wednesdays allowing you to play in BUCS matches against other Universities or the IMS league against other societies.

Medic Sports teams are also available with matches usually at the weekend competing against other medical schools and on Wednesday afternoons against other societies.  Medic sports are a great opportunity to meet other medics, still compete in matches and tournaments whilst generally having a more relaxed training schedule.

Being part of a sports team is a really good way to meet new people and also go on some awesome socials. I’m the current Social Sec for Ladies Cricket which other than planning big nights out involves organising cool team events – our most recent being go-karting where l thought I was as great as Lewis Hamilton but unfortunately crashed and won the wooden spoon.

emily2Whilst at University there is also plenty of chance to try out new sports! At Nottingham we have NU2 Sport sessions which are aimed at students who want to try out something new in a relaxed environment. From trampolining to ultimate frisbee there is always something new to try with your friends. So after attempting dodgeball and volleyball sessions I have now signed up to Ice Hockey. The issue is I can only skate if I have someone to cling on to and I’ve never played hockey. However I’m pretty optimistic that I will be competing in the winter Olympics soon enough.

If you currently play a sport at any level at home or want to start something new, I really recommend getting involved – it gives you a break from studying, a chance to meet new people and burn off all those 3am post clubbing burgers!

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