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MBA Business Practice Week

Each year Nottingham MBA students take a week off-curriculum to get a first-hand taste of different types of organisation, examining their business model and approach to problems and business functions. This year students were treated to talks by  inspirational record breaking polar explorer (and fellow Nottingham MBA alumnus) Adrian Hayes, and renowned business leader and CEO of International Airlines Group, Willie Walsh. They also visited workplaces as diverse as global aerospace company Rolls Royce, a contemporary art gallery, financial services giant Bloomberg, easyJet, and Bletchley Park. Business Practice Week is part of a wider programme of opportunities for Nottingham MBA students to engage directly with a variety of organisations and understand how key business concepts are most effectively applied.

In a series of special blogs we hear individual perspectives from current MBA students who recently took part in Business Practice Week.

Dhritiman Sharma

EasyJetI should rather say “B-Students Privilege Week” as it was indeed a privilege to come up close and personal with some legendary businesses and iconic people. It was an absolute rejuvenation after a long lecture-studded week.

After gathering in a cozy little restaurant cum pub in the city centre we began with an invigorating talk by one of our celebrity alumni Mr. Adrian Hayes. “The man who touched the poles of the earth” infused us with so much inspiration, vigour and motivation that the pressure of our MBA course vapourised into thin air for a week.

He touched base with such aspects in life which were far more crucial and important to ponder about. He showed us a different angle and meaning of life and how we need to achieve that moment we badly strive for. In such a small span of time he won every ones hearts and he got a 30 odd more insane fans.

After that energizing start we went to the “New Art Exchange” (NAE). The music over the eras was coagulated and unknown tales of eminent musicians, singers and artists were showcased. Their strategies were shared with us and it was a very interactive session with their key personnel.

If that was not enough for variety here we are at a pub which hosted comedy shows. “Just the Tonic”-the name itself captures your thoughts and we got a chance to know how they function , manage artists and strive to keep the faces of Nottingham smiling.

Later in the afternoon we moved to a corporate organization named “Experian”. This time more sophisticatedly dressed people were giving us an insight of the modus operandi, functions, and overall strategy of the company.

Tired after a sprawling day we head back to the university where we got a chance to have drinks and snacks with Mr. Adrian Hayes again.

Day two

We head to our very own “Co-operative”, well not the store but its central distribution centre. We literally go inside their storage facilities and freezers to have a look at their systematic, efficient and almost faultless process of distribution. On the way out we grab some Co-Op sandwiches.

Next stop the Aero-Engine giant “Rolls Royce”. A brief insight into their products, processes, problem-handling and services offered. Later a light stroll to view their exhibits.

“Boots” the pharmaceutical giant was the next visit. Great presentation covering “Boots” history with their present outlook. Also a look at their 100+ year old buildings with up-to-date technologies.

Day 3

A fresh start with luggage for a stay over at Luton. Heading into the civil engineering giant “Tarmac”. A very engaging style of presentation in which a group moved from table-to-table covering topics like human resource, employee incentives, bonuses, functions and employee rating process.

After a long bus ride we reach the very much awaited Easy Jet office in Luton. Amazing and dynamic staff greet us and present us their culture and strategies, functions, operations, services etc. A challenging task of pricing the tickets got our rusted brains to workout. The CSR touch was also showcased. Night out at Ibis Hotel and many drink to their content keeping in mind an early start for day 4.

Day 4

Early rise next day and all set for the icing on the cake- The Bloomberg visit. But before that CSR students go to some really cool places to interact and the other half get up-close with an entrepreneurial firm in London. Unconventional office layout.

After lunch we head out to see the Bloomberg office in London and get a chance to meet a very senior executive. We get to know their various divisions. We grab some snacks at their lucrative office.

End of day we head back to Nottingham tired but satisfied. This week has made a long lasting impression which we hope to carry on till the end of the course.

Dhritiman Sharma is currently completing a full-time MBA

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