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MBA Business Practice Week

Each year Nottingham MBA students take a week off-curriculum to get a first-hand taste of different types of organisation, examining their business model and approach to problems and business functions. This year students were treated to talks by  inspirational record breaking polar explorer (and fellow Nottingham MBA alumnus) Adrian Hayes, and renowned business leader and CEO of International Airlines Group, Willie Walsh. They also visited workplaces as diverse as global aerospace company Rolls Royce, a contemporary art gallery, financial services giant Bloomberg, easyJet, and Bletchley Park. Business Practice Week is part of a wider programme of opportunities for Nottingham MBA students to engage directly with a variety of organisations and understand how key business concepts are most effectively applied.

In a series of special blogs we hear individual perspectives from current MBA students who recently took part in Business Practice Week.

Paul Lawrence

MBA Practice WeekOff to Adrian and his great adventures, this man lives life, not just buying debentures. Hanging from cliff and talking of zones, this man has life in all of his bones. Talks of Viagra and all of that stuff, makes each student feel real tough.

Quick coffee to drink and biscuit to steal, no time to stop and have a meal. Paul C has the time and off we must go, remaining in the MBA flow.

We are late, we are late for a very important date.

Look at the clipboard and turn the page, it off to our very own Art Exchange. Culture and art all rolled into one, these guys love their job and seem to have fun. Questions asked and answers given, not always understanding, but we are forgiven.

A look at the watch and the time ticks on 38 MBA students still having such fun.

Satnav in hand and onto the tram, everyone dressed up and looking really glam.

Experian is calling and efficiency is near, these guys mean business and we want to hear. Strategy and domination is the name of the game, Experian is one company ahead with a good name. Crunching out stats and pie charts to, these guys showed us how their money just grew.

The time is up and off we go, 38 MBA students all in tow.

Off to Rough Trade in a blink of an eye and talks of records, culture and fun, all minds boggling at how it is done.

No time to rest or to have fun, the day only has 48 hours in it and we are not done.

Willie Walsh is talking and its all academic, the stories and salaries are getting endemic. Find me a job out of this day, what will I choose and how much do they pay?

No time to sleep, that would be wrong; only the weak dare to snooze on this one. 48 hours to cram into the day and onto the bus to learn the Co-operative way. Armed with a plan and chocolates too, we all hatch a plan to hide in the loo. Elaine looking stressed and tapping her watch, this day is planned and not going to be botched.

Into the freezer at minus 20, frozen MBA students there are a plenty. Questions galore on strategies and plans, is that Porter with a 5 point plan in hand?

A look at the watch and that rabbit is back, someone please give that white rabbit the sack.

Co-op all done and time for style, Rolles-Royce is calling and we travel for miles. All done the reading we are asked? Of course we have, now where are the posh cars? It’s planes we discover, oh this is all very harsh.

No time for the loo with all that is on; it’s off to Boots to discover more fun. History and heritage is all on show, no time to stop, just go with the flow.

Onto the coach, desperate for food, everyone in a jolly good mood. To work in a freezer or design a fan blade, the choices are endless, our careers are made.

Night has fallen and that can mean one thing. Pack for London and get the alarm to ring. Up with the bats and blurrey eyed, we arrive at the coach at what feels like 5.

Into Leforge and a round of talks. This one is sitting so no more long walks.

No time to rest and off we go, 38 MBA students all in tow. Where will we be going next no one will know.

Off to the airport, passport in hand, only to be told all flying is banned. The Easy Jet talk was loads of fun, we sold loads of seat tickets and only one team won. Climbed the high tower for a talk about the skies. All very exciting, no one denies.

Free time Paul announces to the haggard crowd; time to be cheerful and buy everyone a round.

At the hotel all is well, 38 tired students think this is swell.

Dreams of corporations, charities and planes, then sounds of the alarm and we get up for more gains.

London is calling and on the coach we go, meeting with Bloomburg all in the flow. Stories of money and lots of graphs, making money for these guys is not just for laughs.

And so the tour comes to an end. Paul and co. have all gone round the bend. 38 MBA students all in tow, all a little bit wiser and more in the know. Accounting made real, economics made easy, even CSR makes us a little less queasy. Older, wiser and more mature, we are all going to sleep well and that’s for sure.

Paul Lawrence is currently completing a full-time MBA

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