October 14, 2011, by Andrew Burden

Student Union Posters

Poster depicts two goats coloured neon orange looking over a fence with blue text advertising Monty Python

Poster for a Nottingham University Student Union concert featuring members of Monty Python

Manuscripts and Special Collections have recently finished digitising a series of Nottingham Student Union posters advertising gigs and events in the 1970s. The posters were carefully preserved for posterity by alumni John Bailey (Agriculture/Horticulture 1972) and Richard Stark (Chemical Engineering 1971), who were involved in booking bands for the Students Union.

Black poster with multicoloured text and the image of a man astride a motorbike

Poster for a rock and roll evening at Nottingham University’s Lakeside Pavillion

It is impressive to see some of the big names that the University was able to attract, including members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and T Rex. With their vivid colours and striking designs (many were too racy to include here!), they are wonderfully evocative and we hope they will bring back some great memories. If you have photographs or material you think would be of interest to the University archive, relating to all aspects of student experience at Nottingham, do contact Manuscripts and Special Collections. To track down old friends, visit the Alumni website.

Black poster with a multicoloured rocket blasting into space, with text advertising T Rex

Poster for a T Rex gig at Nottingham University

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