October 1, 2011, by Andrew Burden

Recipe of the month: Cheese rolls

A recipe for dinner party canapés, not from the 1970s, but from somewhere around the 1770s, this recipe for puff pastry Cheshire cheese rolls come from an undated recipe book in the collection attributed to the Willoughby family of Aspley and Cossall.

Cheese Rolls (MS 87/1, p. 2)

A quarter of a pound of Chesire Cheese put into a stew pan with two large spoonful of water and an Ounce of butter & two spoonful of flower, set it on the fire & beat it til it melts & leaves the sides of the pan, then let it boil & when has coold, after taking of [off] the fire, put to it one Egg & beat it all well together, then put it in puff paste rowld very thin, make them in the shape of rolls – bake them about ten minutes & serve them hot.

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