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International Student Ambassadors: Priya from India

Priya is an Indian student who is studying an MBA

Why did you choose the University of Nottingham?

I essentially had two reasons behind choosing University of Nottingham against my other options. First was the course structure, this was an extremely important factor for me and I found that at University of Nottingham I could get a good balance of the topics that I really wanted out of my MBA. The second reason was the scholarship which I had been offered from University of Nottingham. I already had a good idea on the ranking of the University as well as my course. So in all I had a great package being offered at University of Nottingham.

What is your favourite thing about the University of Nottingham?

My favourite thing about the University of Nottingham is definitely the campuses. I had never had an experience of such a humongous and beautiful campus life. Every day when I get out of the David Ross village from my morning workout, the sight and the calmness is something that really sets the tone of the day (barring the days when it rains, lol!). Hallward library is next on my list and I have recently discovered how pretty the Portland Coffee co. café is to just sit and study or do assignments around some white noise.

What is the best thing about your course?

Personally, I find the diversity of my batch to be one of the major positives of this course. It’s really amazing to see how different each student’s perspective is on a topic and how much we can learn from each other’s experiences, thoughts and even personalities. The teamwork can be both challenging and rewarding and the experience that I have had so far has definitely added many more layers to my learning. The next best thing has been learning business from an international perspective, it really does widen your spectrum and allows you to develop your skillset in a broader sense.

What do you like about Nottingham as a city?

Nottingham was definitely a perfect city to start my international journey. It’s a perfectly sized city (you really don’t feel lost) and also given it’s a student dominant city you would find a lot of similar people around you. The city centre has a perfectly blend of cafes, pubs, food joints, etc so you will have many options to explore in your time. Also, the transport system is pretty simple and very well connected.

What is your experience of accommodation in Nottingham?

Personally, I have had a really great experience with my accommodation. I stay at one of the University accommodations and from the very first day I have had a very smooth journey. I had all the details on where to arrive, the process and the documents, etc and the amenities around. I also had an opportunity to make some really good friends at my accommodation. We check on each other, celebrate festivals from our culture together and ensure that we all are there for each other in case anyone needs any help. Again, as an international student this made me feel more at home.

What would be your top tips for a new international student starting at the University of Nottingham in their first year?

A couple of tips for a new international student would be a) plan in advance and ensure you have your logistics like accommodation and travel sorted before you arrive b) The university does send out a lot of very clear instructions on the pre-arrival and post-arrival processes so definitely go through them thoroughly c) I would highly recommend arriving for the international student welcome week which really focuses on helping on things like healthcare registration, BRP card collection, police registration, etc. And lastly, be rest ensured that you are going to be okay, we all are in the same boat and everyone around you would definitely help you out.

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