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International Student Ambassadors: Burhan from Cyprus

Burhan is a Cypriot student who is studying PGCert Secondary Mathematics

Why did you choose the University of Nottingham?

The University of Nottingham especially appealed to me due to its stunning campuses and commitment to being environmentally friendly. There are some amazing places to relax and unwind from studying. Another reason was for its consistently high ranking Student Satisfaction.  When I first came here 4 years ago to start my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, I remember how nice the Welcome Committee and my school staff were in helping me settle in. As a postgraduate student, I can now say that I am glad I chose here to study.

What is your favourite thing about the University of Nottingham?

The world class education and consistently high ranking engineering department is what I most value. After my first few months as a student I could clearly see why this is the case. The hands on and practical sessions are highly immersive and get you involved very early in your studies. I think this is an incredible confidence booster as well as a valuable opportunity to gain lots of experience applicable to further academic study or in industry.

The structure of mechanical engineering modules are excellent as well as they commence with broader topics and then allow you to specialise in various streams of your preference. For me, sustainability is very important, so I chose to specialise by studying modules relating to renewable energy.

What is the best thing about your course?

The University of Nottingham has prepared for me the working world by developing my communication, teamwork and professionalism. I think this is the best thing about my course. It has developed me into a professional person prior to embarking into industry. This way I can bring my best to whatever my working environment is in the most efficient manner.

The all-round self-development I attained at university, from collaborative group workshops to hands on technical work, they all have contributed to who I am today, a well rounded individual with a wealth of transferable skills which I will be forever grateful for.

What societies have you got involved with?

The first society I joined was PhotoSoc. This was a friendly society where I got to get hands on experience using real photography equipment. I had never done photography before, so it was great to learn the basics while making new friends. We got to travel to some iconic places like Nottingham Castle and Attenborough Nature Reserve which was great fun.

In my second year I joined the American Football team. Again, I had no experience of such a sport, but I got to grips with it quickly and really started to enjoy the high paced and immersive nature of the sport.

Other societies I joined include the Chess Society and Latin, Ballroom & Salsa Society.

What is your experience so far of the University of Nottingham?

The facilities at the University of Nottingham are nothing but excellent. The University Careers’ Service has been especially helpful with me securing my engineering internships. They reviewed my CV and gave me interview advice prior to my applications which gave me a competitive edge.

Student Services are also always on end to deal with any course issue you may have and the service I received from them has always been swift and helpful.

The Sports facilities are also second to none. The new David Ross Sports Village boasts a huge gym, a climbing wall and a swimming pool to name a few.

What is your experience of accommodation in Nottingham?

I have been living in University owned halls throughout my stay as a student here and it has been very comfortable. I was in Ancaster Hall in my 1st year, Florence Boot Hall in my 2nd and 3rd year and Southwell Hall for my 4th and 5th year where I have been a resident tutor. Living in halls is very convenient as everything is literally in walking distance and if I ever needed to go to the other campuses all I had to do was walk a few minutes to the hopper bus stop. Having shops like SPAR also eliminated my need for leaving the campus after a long day full of lectures.

Within halls, the atmosphere is lively with events being organised by the Junior Common Room Committee all the time.

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