December 5, 2019, by International students

Our Scholarship Experience

In this blog post, students  talk about their experiences of studying at the University of Nottingham, and how receiving a scholarship has helped them with their studies.

Chanyoung from Korea — Korea Masters Scholarship

Chanyoung from South Korea

“First of all, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the Korea Masters Scholarship. I was appreciative and thrilled to learn of my selection for this honour as the recipient. By awarding me the scholarship, it has greatly lightened my financial burden which allows me to concentrate more on the most important aspect of school, learning. I am currently studying my masters at the Nottingham University Business School. I am majoring in Business Analytics. I am glad that I am studying at the University of Nottingham, which provides a high quality of systematic modules and a variety of supportive programmes for international students. Furthermore, there are numerous student societies and sports club to attend for developing one’s skills or just for entertainment. I am currently participating in a tennis club twice a week and attending various events. I would highly recommend to other international students to join the multiple programmes and societies to meet other students from various backgrounds. After graduation, I would like to work in the business analytics field in the UK.”

Kiden from Trinidad and Tobago — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarships

“This scholarship has afforded me to opportunity to study the course of my dreams. I knew when I read the course details that the University of Nottingham is where I wanted to be. So far, the city of Nottingham has treated me so well as an international student and the school has so many opportunities for students to enjoy a holistic experience that is not limited to learning. I can enjoy the beautiful campuses and all it has to offer. Here I am supported by my own personal tutor, able to use the hopper buses and have access to so many resources. Not only that, I can enjoy being apart of the societies that interest me and have fun too. I am deeply thankful and blessed to be here; an opportunity I do not take for granted.”

Busra from Turkey — Turkey Masters Scholarship

Busra from Turkey

“The University of Nottingham is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have been feeling at home since the very beginning. Being awarded the Turkey Masters Scholarship made me and family proud and has helped me to gain more confidence.”

Basak from Turkey

Basak from Turkey — Turkey Masters Scholarship

“The biggest challenge of my life was joining a high ranked university in the UK that has changed my perspective in many ways. The masters program, MSc Marketing, has given me variable experiences beyond education. I was very impressed when I was researching the University of Nottingham’s inspirational success stories and beautiful city. This scholarship provided me with a chance to advance my academic career. Fortunately, I’m glad to be here owing to this scholarship and very satisfied with my decision.”


Una from Croatia — European Master’s Scholarship

“Cancer Immunology and Biotechnology is a unique course and the main reason why I decided to study at the University of Nottingham. The course offers a very focused theoretical background in subjects I wanted to emphasize in my education, and combined with the final research project makes an integrated masters course I was looking for. Winning this scholarship was a great honour as for me it meant a recognition of my attainments so far, as well as an affirmation of my choice for further studies. My expectations have been fulfilled, I have been enjoying the course itself and all the opportunities included in studying at the University of Nottingham, especially beautiful libraries and student areas.”

Esteban from Colombia — COLFUTURO 

Esteban from Colombia

“My scholarship was a challenge and an opportunity, the open door to make the dream of living and studying in the United Kingdom come true.”

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