December 20, 2017, by International students

My University of Nottingham experience

By Nnamdi Orah from Nigeria, studying MSc Oncology at Nottingham with a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. Nnamdi is also the Commonwealth Scholarships Regional Network Coordinator for the Midlands.

My journey to a Masters in Oncology resulted from a desire to know more about cancer, beyond making the diagnosis. Following my post-graduate medical fellowship in Histopathology, the University of Nottingham stood out amongst so many other institutions. Its oncology course content encouraged critical thinking, afforded some research experience, and boasts some of the foremost names in cancer research, especially breast cancer.

After securing admission onto the highly competitive course, being offered a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship left me speechless but overtly grateful. Without it, I would not have been able to meet the financial requirements of my course and the expenses associated with living in Nottingham. When it came to applying for my visa, making travel arrangements or settling into the school the University staff and representatives were very helpful, providing information and assistance whenever I needed it. The scholarship representatives and the International Office staff are the real MVPs!!

Studying Oncology here has enabled me to have a front row view of the battle against cancer. The present achievements, difficulties faced and the prospects for the future are transmitted to students in a very interactive and engaging manner. Stimulating thought and developing critical thinking in the next generation of cancer researchers. I have found more books and articles relevant to my area of study than I could ever cover in the library and the lecturers are more than willing to engage with students.

The University has also made conscious efforts to make international students feel at home. The student cafeteria caters for African, Caribbean, Asian and European cuisine and there are student groups and activities tailored towards bringing students of diverse ethnicities together. The campuses are quite a beauty to behold, the architectural masterpieces are breath-taking and the landscaping is gorgeous. There are also many sports centres which cater to students, whether they have an established interest in sports, are seeking to keep fit or have only a passing interest in physical activity.

The knowledge and experience I have gained from my studies will be of great use in cancer care and research in Sub-Saharan Africa. As the motto of the University states: ‘Sapientia urbs conditur’ (A city is built on wisdom), I will be returning home, to join in building the healthcare industry in Nigeria based on the wisdom I have received here.

I have absolutely no regrets in making the University of Nottingham my first and only choice for my Master’s program in Oncology. The blend of academic and social activities make studying here an all-encompassing experience I would encourage every student to have.


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