April 11, 2017, by International students

‘Running Man’ with the Korean Society

By Hyelim Gang, studying BA International Media and Communications Studies, on exchange from our China Campus in Ningbo.

Korean culture is getting more popular than before, especially in Asian countries. In other words, Asian people who are passionate with Korean drama and K-pop tend to desire to learn the general Korean culture.

Participants and hosts of the Running Man event

As The University of Nottingham is a globalised university in the world, there are many students who came from Asian countries. Therefore, the Korean Society at The University of Nottingham hosts various events for these international students who have an interest in Korean culture. Last Autumn semester, the society opened Korean languages classes for free, cooperating with exchange students from Korea University which is one of the top universities in Korea.

On the 25th of March, the Korean Society held an event named ‘Running Man’. The name of the event came from one of the most popular TV programs in Asia with the same name ‘Running Man’. Originally, The participants in the TV program need to remove the name tags on the back of other team members. While they are playing the game, participates need to hide and seek and, sometimes, attack other team members.

Moving Korean snacks, using straws

The Korean Society put in more games than original TV program and made the participants cooperate with each other to win the game. For example, members of each team were granted specific roles. One needed to find a candy in flour with only using their mouths and the other members need to move jelly from their forehead to inside of the mouth, only using facial muscle. Regardless whether they are winning the game or not, every participant could have fun together and laugh a lot because of funny facial expressions and silly mistakes the game players made. After these small games, removing name tags from the back side of their opponents was played. While they were playing games, all participants were cooperating, laughing and running away together and these made them able to get away from their daily routine for a while. The president of the Korean Society, William, says he hopes the participants could feel a sense of integration between Korea and other countries’ culture. Furthermore, he promised to provide more various and exotic events and useful information for the members of the Korean Society.

Committee members of the Korean Society

The Korean Society is one of the examples of experiencing various nationalities and cultures at The University of Nottingham, one of the top global universities all over the world. As participants of ‘Running Man’ did, I hope all of you could experience various cultures at The University of Nottingham.

You can also read this blog post in Korean on our Naver blog.


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