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Hong Kong CityU Student Involvement Award for Nottingham student

Ross Tandy is studying abroad at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) during his MSci International Relations and Global Issues course at Nottingham.

Receiving the Student Involvement Award at CityU, Hong Kong

In my first semester on exchange at City University of Hong Kong I was fortunate enough to be presented with the Student Involvement Award for exchange students, along with 6 other people from around the world who are also on exchange. The award was presented to me by the Vice President for Student Affairs, Professor Horace Ip, at a small ceremony where we were given the opportunity to talk with him about the things we were enjoying about exchange at CityU, as well as the things we thought could be improved. We then had a few photos taken with him and the members of the GSO.

I was chosen for the award primarily for the fact that I represented The University of Nottingham at the study abroad fair and then did a follow-up presentation on studying in the UK and more specifically Nottingham for local students who are interested in studying abroad. I had quickly started to appreciate the experience I was having and wanted to encourage the local students to do the same. The UK is a very popular destination for local students who want to study abroad, so I tried to give them as much information as possible on how it would differ from being a student here. I also made them aware of the benefits of choosing Nottingham over other places in the UK, such as ease of travel around the country. At the study abroad fair I was fairly busy with both people that had already decided that they wanted to study in the UK, as well as passers by who were curious about what was involved. Nottingham and the UK definitely seemed like a popular choice compared to other destinations.

Enjoying outdoor life in Hong Kong

I was then asked to record the voice-over for the Global Services Office promotional video, as they wanted somebody who spoke English as a first language to do the recording. It was a good opportunity to work with a local student who was producing the film, and to help the GSO demonstrate the work they do in aiding the exchange programme.

Overall, I have loved my time in Hong Kong so far. It has been a great cultural experience and there is so much to explore here. On top of that I have been able to travel to Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo, and hope to be able to travel more during the next semester.

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Receiving the Student Involvement Award at City University of Hong Kong

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