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5 #ConfidentlySmart reasons to be a Chevening Scholar

I am a dreamer. I am #ConfidentlySmart, #IamChevening. I’m part of a renowned and famous scholarship programme with more than 30 years of existence: the prestigious Chevening awards scheme.

Manuel Besares


Hi, I am Manuel Besares, a 24 year old MPH Public Health (International Health) student at the School of Medicine of The University of Nottingham for the 2016/2017 season, representing my country, Mexico, thanks to a Chevening Scholarship.

Nonetheless, this post is not about me, it’s about yourself. For you, that are a dreamer like me and you are planning to succeed in your professional area. For you that want to study in the amazing university of your dreams, but you do not have enough money to pay for your academic dreams at the dreamland and innovation place for excellence, the United Kingdom.  Many uses of the word “dream” in this paragraph, but I’m doing so on purpose: because dreams like mine are coming true thanks to the Chevening awards.

But Manuel, that sounds amazing, but what is Chevening?
Well, to not create a biased answer by myself, let’s go to the official Chevening website for the description:

“Chevening is the UK government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders since 1983.

Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations, Chevening offers two types of award – Chevening Scholarships and Chevening Fellowships – the recipients of which are personally selected by British Embassies and High Commissions throughout the world.

Chevening offers a unique opportunity for future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers from all over the world to develop professionally and academically, network extensively, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.”

Amazing, Isn’t it? If you feel like a leader, you got skills in your professional area, you are making changes in your home country, you are creating networks that transcend, Chevening is for you.

Not sure yet whether to apply or no? Let me share with you:

The 5 #ConfidentlySmart reasons to be a Chevening Scholar

My #JourneyToUoN: arriving in the UK

My #JourneyToUoN: arriving in the UK

1. Fully-Funded Scholarship

First of all, Chevening is a scholarship, and you are waiting for the money. Well, in that aspect,  Chevening is the best option for your studies in the UK. It offers financial support with everything that you will need to study at the most prestigious universities of the world, as our dear University of Nottingham. Normally, the scholarship includes the full tuition fee, a monthly stipend, visa costs and a return trip from the country of origin to the UK. For me, a Mexican middle class young guy, it was impossible to pay for my experience in the UK; but Chevening provides the opportunity of being here… And it’s completely worthwhile.

2. Prestige

Chevening is a highly contended scholarship and not just for the economic part. It’s also famous for the quality of arrival of their delegates and the outcomes after their stay in the UK. With more than 30 years of existence, and a big number of alumni across the planet, Chevening has supported the development of incredible and talented professionals and their careers. Among the Chevening alumni you would find presidents, prime ministers, CEO, diplomats, and social leaders from all over the world, and in every field of expertise. That has made Chevening Scholarships an attractive brand.

This year's Mexican Chevening Scholars meeting in Mexico before travelling to the UK

This year’s Mexican Chevening Scholars meeting in Mexico before travelling to the UK

The University of Nottingham's Chevening scholars at the Chevening Orientation Day in London

The University of Nottingham’s Chevening Scholars at the Chevening Orientation Day in London

3. Networking

I told you about the Chevening alumni… Now, imagine the number of member of the Chevening Alumni Network is around of around 46,000 worldwide. Now imagine the number of new scholars per year. In 2016/2017, we are 1,900 Chevening Scholars in the UK. Just in my country, we were 82. Imagine the amazing bridges that you could built? Undoubtedly, your Chevening experience will provide you new acquaintances, new colleagues, new business partners, but also close friends for the rest of your life. And who knows? Maybe the love of your life! (Imagine your high-profile love).

4. International Experience

The education is GREAT Britain. The culture, sports, and innovation too! Nothing is nicer than tea time, in a traditional tea room, with my friends talking about the amazing British history, and the incredible advances in public health (and many other fields) in this beautiful country. But Britain is more than that. The whole world is in the United Kingdom. There is a global feeling in every part of the UK. And Nottingham is great for that: in my class, I’m the only Latin American, and I learn together with people from different countries, near and far. And if I feel homesick, I just need to send a message to make a little (or big party) with other Latin-American students. I love the fact that I met incredible people from all over the world in random situations, as in the laundry or at the groceries.

Chevening Scholars from around the world at the Chevening Orientation Day in London

Chevening Scholars from around the world at the Chevening Orientation Day in London

5. The Experience of a Lifetime

Not much to add here. It’s simple as that. I barely passed my first month in The University of Nottingham and the UK, but it’s completely worthwhile. I want to learn everything on my course, and everything about this GREAT country, while I’m representing my own nation. It’s amazing, so many moments in the day that I don’t want to forget, and there is another 11 months to still get memories for the lifetime.

In resume: Apply… Now! Write your statement! It’s not rocket science.

The deadline for receiving applications for the season 2017/2018, is the 8 November 2016.

Find out more about studying at Nottingham with a Chevening Scholarship.

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