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“It was the kindness in those calls and emails that brought me here”: Eve’s Clearing story

Eve (second from left) with friends on Jubilee Campus

Eve (second from left) with friends on Jubilee Campus

When I received my results in August 2014, I was very disappointed as I didn’t achieve the grades required by my first choice university.

After considering my options for a while, I began to feel that studying Journalism, my original choice, in the UK was not the best option for me. I still wanted a course related to the media as I am so enthusiastic about it. I decided to change to Media Studies, which would also give me more options for further study.

The day after I received my results, I turned down my second choice university and placed myself in the Clearing system. That was a scary moment as I had no idea what would be waiting for me later on. I went back to the course search page on UCAS, typed in ‘Media Studies’, looked for places that were still available, picked up my phone and started to call those universities one by one. This process lasted for nine days. Because of the seven-hour time difference between China and UK, I could only talk with fewer than four universities each day. From those calls, I got a direct ‘no’, vague ‘we will consider your application’ and also an instant ‘yes’.

Before I called The University of Nottingham, I was already quite familiar with the pattern of the calls. I prepared answers to those most frequently asked questions, including my general information, my marks in IGCSE, AS and A level exams, my personal skills and attributes and a few previous achievements in extracurricular activities. I was already holding three offers. Nottingham got me interested because they were extremely friendly and quick. The lady who answered the phone talked slowly and clearly, just to make sure that I could fully understand everything. Compared to the previous rushed calls it was a delightful new experience. After my call to the administration office in the morning, I received an unconditional offer later that day.

I knew nothing about the University’s ranking, location, campuses or student life; it was the kindness in those calls and emails that brought me here. A university that creates such a welcoming atmosphere and works with such great efficiency deserves a reputation.

After accepting my offer, I got my CAS number, applied for my visa, booked my flight, etc. by following the instructions in the emails from UoN. Everything went so smoothly.

It took less than 24 hours to secure my place at UoN and as an international student, I was guaranteed accommodation. There were plenty of options and I ended up my first choice.

When I opened my door with a huge smile on my face and told my parents the whole story, they were shocked. We laughed, and my mom cried. She said, ‘My little bird is really going to fly now.’

Now, 2 years into my course, I love this city and my University more and more every day. There are always more interesting places to explore. We have the most beautiful campuses and nice professors. Living and studying in such a global university, becoming more and more international is unescapable. Different cultures brought by people from every corner of the world colour this evergreen town with infinite vitality.

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Studying is absolutely serious and challenging. However, doing a course that I have dreamed of since I was much younger is as fascinating as learning the art of magic. It is always the greatest pleasure to obtain new knowledge from both lectures and peer discussions.

My top tips for finding a course in Clearing

  • Clearing happens every year and thousands of students secure places they are happy with. There is plenty of time to sort everything out. Just collect your thoughts.
  • Trust yourself. Being in Clearing does not mean that we are second-class students. We are lucky enough to be honoured with more choices. There will always be a desirable place for you. Hope you enjoy this magnificent journey, as only a few people have the chance to experience it.
  • Search the courses from The University of Nottingham first! Good luck and welcome to our University!


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