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Welcome Programme 2015

Vicky Torrillas is an exchange student from Luther College, Iowa, USA, starting a year in Nottingham’s School of Politics and International Relations.

Another year comes around, and another Welcome Programme for the international students takes place.

Some picked their BRPs, some roamed around campus trying to find the right building and others started mingling in the line to get our welcoming package. Early in the morning, we all queued to get our paperwork sorted out and picked our students IDs. Then, we got together to start attending some of the events.

Vicky's friends on the Welcome Programme

Vicky’s friends on the Welcome Programme

Whilst my friends went around on a campus tour – which, by the way, they said they loved! – I went over to the Law building, which will be my little home for the next year, and attended the IT session. There, I received a lot of helpful information, and two lovely students helped me set up my email account (I swear, I’m usually a little better at this…). Then, my friends and I went to register with the Medical Centre of the University, and even though that took a little bit more than I thought it would, I found myself out of there and at dinner in Portland B in what seemed like a few hours. That night my roommate Branna, my friend Belmira and I went to the Glasshouse Café, and talked to a lot of new International Students and current UK students who approached us to play a Jenga game.

The Great British Tea Party

The Great British Tea Party

On the 18th, because I had already tackled most of the big paperwork, I had most of the day to myself and attended pretty much everything that was on the list. First, my friends and I went to breakfast at the Italian restaurant in Portland, and then we went on to register with the University and pick up our module registrations. I am luckily already pre-registered for the class I wanted this semester, so I won’t have to worry a lot next week! Then, we went to the British Tea Party, and enjoyed some British Scones with Earl Gray. We also took some pictures, and played toss the tea bag (which is just as hilarious as you can imagine it, if you’ve never played it).

Throughout Thursday and Friday, we got to see a bunch of live performances – from students with their guitars, a gospel choir to the Capoeira society – and hear more about what the Societies at Nottingham are about. After dinner, my housemates and I went to the last event of the day: a dance at the Mooch. I’m not much for dancing, but I can tell you that I may have danced all night. Everybody was so energetic, and we got to reconnect with some friends we’ve made the day before and hung out together. I was really surprised that the Mooch could fit that many people! By the time we got home, we were exhausted, but we all stayed up and talked about how much fun we had in the past two days and how many people we got to interact with.

I want to publicly thank everybody that took the time to make these past days a great experience to all of us who came, because without you our week would not have been as fun and engaging. I can’t wait to see what Freshers’ week brings!

Gospel choir performance

Gospel choir performance


Capoeira performance

Disco at Mooch bar

Disco at Mooch bar

Where are you from?

Student map at Glasshouse Cafe


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