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International student societies: Korean, Hungarian and Islamic Societies

With our diverse international and EU student community, Nottingham has a great range of student societies representing the many countries, cultures and religions of the world. This week we have been sharing messages from a few societies on our blog. Find these societies, along with many others, at the Welcome Festival during 21 to 25 September.

Korean Society

Korean Society was first established to provide support for fellow Korean students, but over the years it has grown with increasing interest with K-pop and Korean game shows by all ethnic backgrounds.

Our aim of the society will be to organise cross-cultural events, such as Korean film/drama showcases, Korean language class, and famous gameshow imitation, RunningMan as an example.

RunningMan had been a huge success last year, and we plan to make it even more enjoyable with collaboration with other societies.

Join our Facebook group if you are unsure, and tell us what you want!

KoreanSociety 2

KoreanSociety 1

Korean Society: RunningMan

KoreanSociety 3


Hungarian Society

HungarianSocietyWelcome to the Hungarian Society!

Our aim is to unite Hungarians and students who are interested in Hungarian culture. If you are keen on getting more information about Hungary, either if it is its history, present status, join us. We provide a community where you can practice your Hungarian, even if you are not Hungarian.

We organise social events on a regular basis, and on some of them you will have the chance to get known the Hungarian cuisine as well.

If you are interested, please join us on Facebook and check out our website.

Islamic Society (ISoc)

To all international students – congratulations on your place at The University of Nottingham and a very warm welcome from the Islamic Society!

Our primary aim as a society is to support Muslim students in all their social, academic, religious and personal endeavours; and to work alongside the SU to provide a nurturing environment that aids every aspect of their development. We welcome individuals of all faiths and non-faiths into the ISoc family, so that we may strive together in the development of mutual understanding, respect and tolerance within our community.

Find out more about us and future events on our website and Facebook page.

A collage of Islamic Society events

A collage of Islamic Society events

You can find more messages from international and cultural societies in our past blog posts.

Share photos of your #journeytoUoN as you get ready to join us in Nottingham.

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