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International student societies: ABACUS, Indian and Egyptian Societies

Nottingham’s many student societies are ready to welcome the new students who will be arriving in September and October, so we’ve invited international and cultural student societies to share a message for new international and EU students on our blog. Here are messages from a few of the societies and we will share more later this week.

ABACUS (Association of British and Chinese University Students)

Hey! We’re the Association of British and Chinese University Students!

With no fewer than 14 branches across the United Kingdom including Cambridge, Oxford and LSE, ABACUS Society is the ultimate platform for British, Chinese and students all over the world to connect, socialize and just basically have a good time! ABACUS’ aim is to remove barriers that are conceived to exist between local and international students whist expanding both our social networks. This tremendously diverse society looks for members who are willing to embrace more than one culture and openly support and communicate with everyone and just have fun!

We continuously organize karaoke and game nights, celebratory meals and dinners as well as other late night parties! The ABACUS event to look out for this coming year will once again be our Christmas Day Ball and our newly introduced Sports and Game Day near Easter!

For more information, join our Society through SU and Facebook or email us directly ( if you have any queries whatsoever! Hope to see you in ABACUS in the upcoming academic year!

Examples of the Indian Society's events

Examples of Indian Society events

Indian Society

Apart from bringing out the Indian Culture creatively to the students of The University of Nottingham, the Indian Society show something that is very less known about most Indians: we sure know how to party. Our society holds at least 5 Bollywood themed nights every year in different clubs across the city. With Bollywood music and events lasting till 4AM, neon themed parties for Holi and our biggest event being the Diwali Ball, we have put together some of the best nights Nottingham has ever witnessed.

We also keep friendly tournaments of cricket and football usually between us and different societies like the Pakistani or Sri Lankan society, and we are planning on taking it to another level by starting a tradition of holding these tournaments with many more societies. Being a member will keep you updated about all our events and you will even receive tickets at discounted prices. India has a lot more to offer than what you’ve been told and our aim is to let you make the most of it in the most entertaining way possible.

Egyptian Society

EgyptianSociety logoSalam! The University of Nottingham’s Egyptian Society is an excellent opportunity for Egyptians to meet up with fellow Egyptians and students from all over the world.

The Egyptian Society has lots of events planned for the upcoming year. We hold all sorts of fun events throughout the year, such as meet-and-greet gatherings, movie nights, outings, dinners and meet up for Ramadan Iftars and Eid gatherings. Our main aim is to promote everything Egyptian, and to make sure that you don’t miss home too much. Of course, you don’t have to be Egyptian to join! If you are interested in knowing more about our 7,000-year old civilisation and its people, culture, language and cuisine you are more than welcome to join the Egyptian Society.

See you at the Fresher’s Fair! Be sure to stop by the Egyptian Society stall to sign up and meet fellow Egyptians. You can also follow us on Facebook and visit our website.

The Egyptian Society holds all sorts of fun events throughout the year

The Egyptian Society holds all sorts of fun events throughout the year

You can find more messages from international and cultural societies in our past blog posts.  Come to the Welcome Festival  during 21 to 25 September to meet members of these societies and many more.  Details of all student societies are available on the Students’ Union website.

Getting ready for Nottingham?  Share photos of your #journeytoUoN!

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