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Celebrating our studies at the Sheriff of Nottingham’s Summer Garden Party

The Sheriff of Nottingham’s Summer Garden Party for Nottingham’s International Students, organised by Experience Nottinghamshire, took place at Nottingham Castle on 15 July 2014. Diana Guzmán Barraza, a Mexican student studying MSc Sustainable Energy Engineering, shares some comments and photos from the occasion.

One of the best things about studying at The University of Nottingham is exploring the beautiful bird-filled forests at University Park, wondering how this might have looked in medieval times, when deer most probably roamed around Wollaton Hall’s extensive hunting grounds.

Therefore, just thinking about the idea of joining the Sheriff of Nottingham at a summer garden party at the castle grounds, an authentic historical site, and challenge our aim at archery while listening to a wonderful band was VERY EXCITING!

Archery with Robin Hood at the Sheriff of Nottingham's Garden Party

Archery with Robin Hood at the Sheriff of Nottingham’s Garden Party for International Students

The party took place on a beautiful sunny afternoon, and was just the ideal way to join friends in the celebration of our studies in Nottingham, Robin Hood’s land in the heart of England, and become official Ambassadors of the City of Nottingham!

This photo from the Garden Party was provided by Eduardo Pérez Guagnelli.

International students with the Sheriff of Nottingham (this photo was provided by Eduardo Pérez Guagnelli)

Also with me at the garden party, from left to right, are:

  • Eduardo Pérez Guagnelli, who is studying MSc in Human Factors and Ergonomics at the UoN
  • Teyacanani O.S. Aguilar, who is a classmate of mine at the MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Dalia Carolina Ramos, who is studying MSc in Manufacturing Engineering and Management also at the UoN and who we are proud of for her future job at Rolls-Royce in Derby upon graduation
  • the Sheriff of Nottingham (Nottingham City Councillor Jackie Morris)
  • myself
  • Magdalena Tomczynska, who is doing a PhD on Materials, Mechanics, and Structures at the UoN
  • Mauricio Meixueiro who is studying in MSc in Logistics & Supply Chain Management at the UoN
  • Diana Vazquez, who is studying MSc in Operations Management also at the UoN
  • and Rene Alberto Zurit, who is studing MSc in Computer Games at Nottingham Trent University
Magdalena Tomczynska, Diana Guzmán Barraza, and Dalia Carolina Ramos

Magdalena Tomczynska, me and Dalia Carolina Ramos at Nottingham Castle grounds for the Sheriff’s Garden Party

I came to The University of Nottingham to study the MSc in Sustainable Energy Engineering postgraduate program, under the CONACYT-University of Nottingham Scholarship Program, and was amazed at the University’s and the UK’s achievements in sustainability. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about this important subject from experts who are very advanced in the field, and I’m currently researching on how to construct buildings in my hometown, Monterrey, Mexico, in order to maintain the inside temperature cool and this way reduce the use of air conditioners and electricity consumption. Upon my graduation, I will go back to my country to apply these concepts and continue research on sustainability principles applied to Mexico’s climate.

Thank you Nottingham for a wonderful year!

Please see our Sheriff of Nottingham’s Garden Party album on Facebook for more photos from Diana, Eduardo and other international students who attended.

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