June 20, 2014, by International students

Let the mountains and the sea be your muse

With the vicious circle of this vibrant life grabbing you from every other nook and cranny, it’s often hard to remember that you exist as a separate unique being with your own personal traits and dormant diaries. If you can however get lucky enough and manage to dodge that entire weekend wilderness to escape to a territory not haunted by friends, relatives and followers, you may pleasantly surprise yourself with a re-energizing treat. However intriguing pub hangouts and dorm parties may seem, which they inevitably do, stealing some time just for yourself can work magic.

Once you have convinced the angels on your shoulder that you definitely want a weekend away in a less happening era, all you need to do is grab a back-pack, water and snacks, your favourite shades and a pair of comfy trainers. Of course some cash and your university student card could promise some help too. Wake up early and hop up on a train to the east coast or the southern cliffs The beaches of Lowestoft, Norfolk or even further down the Seven Sisters of Brighton are places which can offer you the spray of sea yet without too much of company to distract you from taking in nature. If you do falter too much, remember there is always the Peak District nearby for some solo rambling and self reflection. Being in the presence of the mountain and the sea humbles you down, eases your wrecking nerves which have taken too much chemistry or economics during the week and inspires strength through their unleashed, uncompromised selves.

If weekend faraway retreats are far beyond your liking, why not grab some paint brushes, canvas and fancy poster colours from a craft shop in the city and head to one of the quieter areas of the University Park itself! Throw the paint away at the dead whiteness of the paper and see it transform to your imaginations. A classic book with faded foxed chapters picked up from the council library and a packed lunch to the Wollaton Park could be a perfect alternative for the ones with a less creative thirst.

While it may seem far-fetched to take such lengths of trouble to reconnect with just your own self, it may open up an all new and fresh start for your weariness, dilemmas, or just simple everyday chores of life. This summer, let the mountains and the sea be your muse.

Sanjana Ahmed, international student from Bangladesh studying a masters in Electrical Engineering for Sustainable and Renewable Energy at The University of Nottingham.

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