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Nottingham Food World Cup competition

Food World CupThe University of Nottingham Food World Cup is our new competition for international and European students. To coincide with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer, we are celebrating world food with a competition where you can post recipes from your home country and our Facebook followers will vote for their favourite recipes.

The Food World Cup competition is open to current Nottingham students, applicants, and prospective students from around the world who are interested in studying at Nottingham. Enter this competition for a chance to win a £50 Restaurant Choice voucher, which is accepted at a wide range of restaurants in Nottingham and across the UK.

We want you to submit a recipe that captures the flavour of cooking from your home country. This might be a recipe that your family taught you, your country’s national dish, or your own variation on a traditional cooking style from your country. It doesn’t need to be a detailed recipe: a description of the food and how to make it may be enough for readers to try it for themselves.

Please also include a photograph of your recipe if possible, and let us know what you like best about this food: it might be the taste, the smell, the fun of preparing and eating it, or happy memories you associate with this food.

Please email your entry to: international-social-media@nottingham.ac.uk

Please include “Food World Cup” in the subject line of your email, and include the following details in the email as well as your recipe and photo:

  • Your name
  • Your country
  • What course you are studying/applying for/interested in
  • Your student ID number or applicant number (if you are a current student or an applicant)

Throughout the World Cup period, we will post recipes submitted from different countries for you to vote for your favourite. These will be posted as photos on our International Office Facebook page and you can vote for your favourites by ‘liking’ the photo of the recipe you choose.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our latest Food World Cup posts throughout the competition. At the end of the Food World Cup competition, we will award a £50 Restaurant Choice voucher to the student who submitted the overall winning entry.

See our gallery of Food World Cup recipes at Facebook for some of the great recipes submitted. Please ‘like’ your favourite entries.

Please submit any new entries by Monday 7 July. We will then hold the Food World Cup Final during the next few days to select the winner from some of the most popular entries.

Update: The Food World Cup competition is now closed for new entries and we are holding the Food World Cup Final survey to select the winner from four of the most popular recipes submitted:

  • Mole Negro from Mexico
  • Hidden Duck Rice from Portugal
  • Ajiaco from Colombia
  • Chicken Tah-Chin from Iran

This online poll will close on Sunday 13 July to coincide with the World Cup Final, and we will announce the winning recipe on Monday 14 July.

Final results:

The Food World Cup Final poll is now closed. Many thanks to everyone who participated in our competition and in this online poll to determine the winning recipe. We have confirmed the winning entry on our International Office website:

Nottingham Food World Cup competition results

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